Peppered Leopard  

Welcome to the
Peppered Leopard's Kitchen!


Hello, hello, hello! Come into my kitchen, I'm the Peppered Leopard. Would you like to cook with me? There are lots of fun meals we can make together, so come back often to try different recipes.

There is one thing that I'll request from you. You'll need to have your Mom or Dad join you in the kitchen when you're ready to cook. Learning to cook is fun but you have to be safe about it. You'll want them along until they say you've graduated. So always bring them with you whenever you plan to cook.

Are you ready? Then what are we doing standing around! Time to click and cook and have some fun too! Let's go!

         —The Peppered Leopard

Peppered Leopard





#5——Pita Pockets

#6——Easter & Passover



Mother's Day Breakfast

Mother's Day Dinner


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