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Dream of Pancakes

One of my first attempts at cooking when I was a young cub was making pancakes and waffles. I got to the point where I could whip up a batch of pancakes on an early Saturday morning and surprise the family with an easy breakfast.

You may not know this, but pancakes are the oldest form of bread. The first pancakes were made of pounded grain, mixed with water, and spread on a hot rock to dry. The ancient Hebrews cooked their unleavened bread on a griddle, and in China, the egg roll (really a pancake) has been made for centuries. Today, each country has its own version of the pancake. Three examples: Blini in Russia, Cannelloni in Italy, and Crepes in France.

The pancakes/waffles can be made using a whisk and bowl (remember our lesson on "Whiskers"?); but this would be a good opportunity to use electric appliances: an electric mixer, blender and a food processor. So, before we start cooking, let's talk a bit about working with electric appliances...

First, let your parents operate the appliance, or let them tell you what steps you can do, like pushing the buttons or adding the ingredients. Always let your parents be the ones to handle and wash the chopping blades of an appliance—these blades are sharp and can cut young fingers and paws! Always let the chopping or mixing blades come to a full stop before opening the lid of a blender or food processor. Never put your hands in the chopping bowl or beaker—use a wooden spoon or hard nylon spatula (avoid rubber spatulas—they can get caught on the blade). When using a mixer, blender or food processor, be sure your hands are dry when you plug in or disconnect the appliance. To unplug an appliance, take hold of the plug and pull it straight out. Don't pull on the cord. You may loosen the wires inside the plug.

               —The Peppered Leopard





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