Praise for the original
Cooking With Kids book:

Martin Yan "Cooking for millions of television viewers is a breeze compared to cooking for my two six year-olds at home. I am thrilled that Kate Heyhoe has written a book just for me. Cooking With Kids is more than a book filled with fun recipes. It offers nutritional tips and cooking techniques that are designed especially for those of us who have little ones around the kitchen. The family that cooks together stays together and with this book, we can do it with so much fun."

      —Martin Yan, Yan Can Cook

"Wow! Finally someone with the insight to begin at the beginning with cooking! What better way to bring out the chef in a child than with the sights and sounds of the kitchen: whips in the bowl, blenders buzzing and hands in the dough. A child side-by-side in the kitchen with his parent is a scrumptious combination. Cooking With Kids is the perfect ingredient to convert master mess-makers to master chefs."

      —Chef John D. Folse, CEC, AAC, and former President of the American Culinary Federation

John Folse
Steve Case "Gathered from Kate Heyhoe's pioneering food sites on America Online and the Web, Cooking With Kids reflects the voices of real parents and kids. This book contains more than recipes and cooking tips—it shows how to turn the simple acts of cooking, shopping, and dining together into household keywords for family togetherness."

      —Steve Case, former Chairman and CEO, America Online, Inc. and TimeWarner, Inc.

"Now let's face it squarely...I'm sitting here very close to my 65th birthday, having just helped my four year old granddaughter Jessica to make stuffed eggs (stuffed eggs would not have been my first choice, but it was Christmas!). She did all the measuring and squeezed the piping bag...not bad either! What fun it is to cook with a new generation and what a joy now to have a brilliant new book like this to use to be ultimately creative and to pass on a passion for life and its healthy pleasures to a child!"

      —Graham Kerr, International Culinary Consultant

Graham Kerr
Mary Sue Milliken "Like millions of moms, I want to prepare delicious, nutritious meals for my family, and after working all day in the restaurant, I also want to spend quality time with my sons. Cooking together is the natural solution. But in the kitchen, you need the proper tools to do the job well; Cooking With Kids is just the tool to get you started."

      —Chef Mary Sue Milliken, TV hostess, cookbook author, and owner of Border Grill and Ciudad restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas

"If you don't have kids, you'll want to run out and borrow some! The whole family will benefit when kids get involved in Kate Heyhoe's Cooking With Kids , a course which includes nutritious food choices, food safety, meal planning and enjoying meals together. Be prepared to have the fun of your life."

      —Robin Kline, MS, RD, CCP, former President, International Association of Culinary Professionals

Robin Kline
Marcel Desaulniers "Seize the moment, and a copy of this delightful cooking guide, then call the children to the kitchen to experience the joy of an often neglected pleasure of family life-cooking food together."

      —Marcel Desaulniers, author of Death by Chocolate and many other books

"It is important to make cooking a part of kids' lives so they can develop skills and an appreciation for good food. Cooking With Kids brings kids into the kitchen and teaches them not only great tasting recipes but cooking fundamentals such as how to hold a knife, measure ingredients, set a table and how to survive in a supermarket. With families' busy schedules, this book is a wonderful sourcebook for family interaction."

      —Emily Luchetti, executive pastry chef Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco, and president of Women Chefs and Restaurateurs

Emily Luchetti
Lora Brody "While her audience may be feeling less like Einstein and more Larry, Mo, and Curly, Kate Heyhoe is definitely no dummy when it comes to helping kids cook together. Read her book, grab your kid, and head for the kitchen—it's a smart move."

      —Lora Brody, author of Kitchen Survival Guide

"In Cooking with Kids, Kate Heyhoe takes your hand and leads you through the kitchen on a most delightful tour. The book is packed with easy-to-understand guidance and simple, tasty recipes that will delight kids of any age, and that includes every inner child who never learned the secrets of the kitchen. It's a terrific resource for cooks of any age."

      —Michele Anna Jordan, author of California Home Cooking and many other books

Michele Anna Jordan
Nick Malgieri "Kate Heyhoe has written a book of brilliant recipes to cook with your kids, and also provides a veritable encyclopedia of kitchen lore to impart to novice cooks so that they will develop into thoughtful, tasteful and above-all, safe cooks."

      —Nick Malgieri, author of How to Bake and Chocolate

"Cooking With Kids creates fun and food for the family. Kate Heyhoe gives simple practical tips on how to bring the family together for mealtime magic."

      —Linda Gassenheimer, award-winning author of Dinner in Minutes—Memorable Meals for Busy Cooks and Vegetarian Dinner in Minutes as well as the syndicated column Dinner in Minutes

Linda Gassenheimer
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Praise for the Original
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