Ten Kids-in-the-Kitchen Commandments

Cooking with Kids

  • 1. Cook with supervision: Parents, always supervise your kids when they cook, and kids, make sure to ask your parent for permission before cooking.
  • 2. Be clean: Wash and dry your hands and make sure that all cutting and preparation areas are clean before using them.
  • 3. Protect yourself: Wear protective clothing, but avoid loose sleeves or clothes that can catch on things. Tie long hair back. Use only dry, high-quality potholders and oven mitts.
  • 4. Be careful with cold and hot water: Don't add cold water to a hot pan. Wipe up spilled liquids on floors and counters. Keep electrical appliances away from water and wet hands. Always open a hot pot with the lid pointing away from you to avoid steam burns.
  • 5. Use a knife properly and carefully: Keep knives visible when in use, not hidden by a dishtowel or in soapy water. Never point a knife at others, and parents, make sure your child's abilities are equally matched to the cutting instrument.
  • 6. Practice food-handling safety: Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Avoid cross-contamination of raw and cooked foods.
  • 7. Keep safety items handy: Store a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Know what to do in an emergency.
  • 8. Don't spill the pot: Keep pot and pan handles pointed to the center of the stove where they can't be bumped.
  • 9. Use common sense: Make sure the oven and all appliances are turned off before leaving the kitchen. Parents, lift heavy items, hot liquids, and anything into or out of the oven by yourself—don't let your children do it. Kids, let parents handle anything that's heavy or hot until they give you permission to do so on your own.
  • 10. Enjoy yourself: Be creative, work cooperatively, and never forget to have fun!


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