Alexandria's Top Ten
Cooking Tips for Other Kids

1. Never remove an electric mixer from a bowl that is still on...your mom won't be happy with the mess.

2. It's very important to taste everything as you are making it to make sure nothing is bad (smell the milk—don't drink it) and that it's coming out right.

3. Never put your hands in your mouth or anything that's touched meat before it was cooked and be careful with raw eggs because you can get bad germs from them.

4. Never try to cook without mommy and daddy first saying yes, or they may not let you cook for awhile.

Oops! 5. Be very careful not to drop eggs on the floor because they are really messy to clean up.

6. Crack eggs into a small bowl first because you can remove the shells that fall in easier if they aren't mixed up with your cookie batter. (This is mom's tip: doesn't just apply to cookies.)

7. Be careful that you don't reach over the stove so you don't burn yourself; always let an adult do it.

8. Never walk with a knife pointing out in your hand; always carry it down at your side.

9. Put your hair in a barrette so it doesn't get in the food then someone accidentally finds it in their food and says "gross."

10. Always help clean up so you can cook again soon.

—from Alexandria, age 7, of Plattsburgh, N.Y.



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