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Whiskers—The Word for Today is



When you cook, you put different ingredients together. Sometimes you need to mix them into a liquid form. A whisk, also called a whip, helps mix those different ingredients together and makes them come out smoothly.

The whisk is made up of wires which bend around and come together into a handle. It kind of looks like the skeleton of a light bulb! Hold it like you would hold a garden hose (with one hand, please) and point it into a bowl. Now lightly whip or beat the ingredients (moving the whisk in a circle) till they are nicely blended together. Watch how I do it in the picture. Start slowly at first and when you feel comfortable you can increase your speed. Careful, now, the trick is to try and keep the ingredients *in* the bowl. Grrreat! Now let's try the whisk on a recipe! Here are two to pick from:




Pep's Safety Tip of the Day:

Always wash your hands
Before touching food.
So the dishes you cook
Will taste oh so good.



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