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Pita Pockets


Pita Pockets  
Guess what happened to me the other day? I was sitting up in a tree watching the sunset when along came a huge wind! The wind was so strong that it almost blew me away! I had to hold onto the tree trunk with both paws, flapping like an old dishrag on the clothesline. Fortunately the wind didn't last too long and before I knew it I was back on the ground brushing the dust and leaves from my fur. As I cleaned up I was shocked to find that all of my spots had blown off! Man! They were scattered everywhere. Some were by a patch of rocks, a bunch were across the street. I even found three spots clinging to some watermelon!

Of course I had to pick them up—for what is a Leopard without his spots? Not having a needle and thread handy, I put the spots in my pockets thinking that I would sew them on later.....then it hit me! "That's it......POCKETS! POCKETS!" You see, I had been wondering what would be fun for us to make in the kitchen this week.....and pockets are the answer! Not the kind in your shirt or pants, but Pita Pockets to be specific. If you have never had a Pita Pocket sandwich you are in for a treat. They make a great meal and are fun to put together. So let's try one of the sandwich recipes below, and then you'll know how to turn YOUR favorite kind of sandwich into a Pita Pocket!

Wash Your Veggies Oh, by the way, we will be using some vegetables in our Pita Pockets, so this week I would like to stress the importance of washing your vegetables before eating them. Here's a little song that Grandma Leopard used to sing to us so we wouldn't forget to wash our vegetables:

British, Russian, Mexican,
families tell your next of kin
who knows what has touched it when!


Could be gophers,
could be bunnies
or your grocer feelin' funny.
Who knows where that veggies been!


Wash them clean for Mom and Father,
Wash them off with cool clean water.
Mothers tell your son's and daughters.


Another thing that Grandma Pep would always say, "You cubs come down off that tree and let's make sandwiches!"

      —The Peppered Leopard


Pita Recipes

A standard bread throughout the Middle East, Pocket Bread has many names—pita, Arab bread, Armenian bread, Israeli flat bread, khubz, and, in American supermarkets, "sandwich bread." The pockets can be filled with meats, salads, or sandwich spreads.

Pocket, pita or Syrian bread is a round hollow single loaf that can be slit open or cut in half to hold a choice of fillings snugly without leaking. Each pita pocket holds 1/4 to 1/2 cup filling.





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