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Happy Mother's Day Breakfast

Happy Mother's Day

For a "Happy Mother's Day Breakfast" with very little last minute fuss, try making my special do-ahead-except-for-the-pancakes breakfast. And, in addition to the cocoa, fruit and pancakes, you might like to cook some bacon in the microwave, decorate the table with a flower or two or three, and then be sure to give Mom a big hug and kiss when serving.

Take a look through my recipe lessons on whisking, pancakes and waffles and handling hot dishes. On Mother's Day Morning, you and a helper can fix those pancakes and clean up the dishes so Mom isn't surprised with a Mother's Day Mess! And, be sure to wish your Mother a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY from Chef Le Pep.


          —The Peppered Leopard


Pep's Safety Tip for the Day:

Remember that boiling sugar syrup is really hot—it will burn you if you touch it or taste it! So is a heated pancake griddle. Follow my advice and have Dad or someone with experience watch you on this. Be sure to use oven mitts to keep from getting burned. And when you stir the cooking sugar syrup, don't lick the hot spoon! Wait until the syrup cools before tasting it.





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