Peppered Leopard  

Easter Time & Passover

Mrs. Chicken

Salutations, (huff-huff-huff) egg painters. Excuse me while I catch my breath. (huff-huff-huff) I'm fresh in from the hen house with a basket full'a eggs! (huff-huff) Mrs. Chicken chased me all the way back to my kitchen (huff-huff) OH NO!! HERE SHE COMES AGAIN!! I Guess I'll just have to do my little Easter talk "On-the-Run." (huff-huff-huff)

Easter is our holiday that officially welcomes springtime. There are many stories about how a bunny entered the Easter scene. The one I enjoy telling (huff-huff) is the story of a group of children absorbed in an egg hunt when all of a sudden along came the funniest looking rabbit! (huff-huff) It was yellow with brown spots and had a long tail. (Everybody knows that a rabbit doesn't have a long tail!) The children were sure (huff-huff) the bunny had brought the colorful eggs for their hunt. And that's how the bunny business all began (huff-huff).

I'm tired, I think I'll just stop right here and give Mrs. Chicken back her eggs.


(huff-huff-huff) He-here ya go Mrs. Chicken. I'm sorry, I just wanted to have a little "PEP-talk" on how fun it is to color eggs.

"Hold on there, Peppered Leopard, I did not want the eggs back. I would like you to color them. I just wanted to let you know that the U.S. Department of Agriculture suggest that you use bright colored plastic eggs for the 'egg hunts'. Keep the "real" Easter eggs refrigerated until the family wants to eat them or to use them in egg recipes. This lowers the chance of any bacteria getting into the egg."

Easter Egg Boy was I glad to hear that tidbit of information, and extremely pleased that Mrs. Chicken wasn't mad at me! Have fun with the recipes. Happy Easter and Happy Passover to everyone!

Hey, did you know...the word "Easter" comes from "Eostre," the Teutonic goddess of spring. Usually, Easter officially welcomes in springtime and falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. Easter eggs have ancient significance. Originally they represented the new life that bursts forth at springtime. The tradition of exchanging eggs began long, long ago - the Egyptians and Persians even colored eggs and gave them away.





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