Peppered Leopard  




If you had a bowl with a lot of little holes,
Your soup would be in your lap!
But don't be fooled - It's a straining tool!
Called a Colander
How 'bout that!


A colander, also called a strainer, is used for washing and draining food. It does look like a bowl with lots of holes in it. It's very convenient to wash fruits & vegetables, such as green beans and grapes, in it. The food gets rinsed while the water drains away.

A colander is also used to drain away hot water from cooked foods, such as potatoes and pasta. When draining hot food be sure to let mom or dad do it for you. Put the colander in the sink, and as you pour the food in it, make sure to pour it away from your body. The food stays in the strainer while the hot water passes through the holes of the colander and goes into the sink.

I'm going to tell you about two pasta recipes today. They both use a colander to drain the noodles.

Now, let's make pasta sauce!


Pep's Safety Tip:

This is very important to know so I would like to say it again. When pouring hot food into the colander, always pour it *away* from you.



Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Garlic
Orzo Pilaf
Tomato Sauce for Spaghetti



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