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1. Question #1

What is the name of this vegetable?

A) Asparagus
B) Spinach
C) Celery
D) Broccoli

2. Question #2

What is this woman eating?

A) Spaghetti
B) Pizza
C) Hamburger
D) Sandwich

3. Question #3

The jars and bowls contain what kind of food?

A) Vegetables
B) Cereal
C) Candy
D) Pasta

4. Question #4

What is the main ingredient in bread?

A) Milk
B) Flour
C) Eggs
D) Baking powder

5. Question #5

What is this man doing?

A) Making cheese
B) Getting chocolate from a cow
C) Weighing a cow
D) Getting milk from a cow

6. Question #6

What is the name of this kitchen tool?

A) Rolling pin
B) Meat tenderizer
C) Whisk
D) Doughnut maker

7. Question #7

What is in the pan?

A) French toast
B) Omelet
C) Fried egg
D) Sausage

8. Question #8

What kitchen tool is this person using?

A) Whipping spoon
B) Whisk
C) Chopping knife
D) Electric mixer

9. Question #9

What fruit is this chef cutting up?

A) Apple
B) Grapes
C) Pineapple
D) Peach

10. Question #10

[Bonus] In Asia, many people use these eating utensils instead of forks. What are they?

A) Pincers
B) Tweezers
C) Potstickers
D) Chopsticks



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